Giving Charity or Repaying Debt?

During Ramadhan month, I have an intention to pay for charity (sadaqah) for the orphans, as this is a good time to do the good deeds. I have my money in hand. But I also have a debt to my friend. Which one should I use the money first? Should I repay my debt, or giving the money for charity?

It is not acceptable for a competent person to delay paying a debt if he is asked to do so, as this would be unfair to the creditor. As Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:
“Delay (in debt payment) on the part of a rich man is injustice,” (Reported by Muslim).

However, if the creditor has given you some flexibility in repaying the debt and is fine with your delay, you can go ahead giving your money to charity. But if the creditor refuses your delay, then you should repay your debt.